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  Design 10 - Terraced Deck for Entertaining

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decking plan 10



This spacious, terraced deck encompasses over 1,600 square feet and features three levels flowing quite naturally from one to another. The shapes and levels have a dual purpose:

Each level could easily accommodate a small get-together. Or, when entertaining, large groups of people can overflow to the different levels, creating a variety of outdoor spaces for separate conversations. Entrance to the deck can be made from the breakfast room, dining room, a family bedroom and the master bedroom.

A matching pair of built-in benches flank the deck at opposite sides near the breakfast-room and master-bedroom entrances. Gathering-room windows on opposite sides of the fireplace provide dramatic views of the deck where the steps link one level to another.

Table and chairs are set into a V-shaped nook directly in front of the dining room and near the stairs that take you to the lower-level deck. Stairs on the lowest level provide a central exit to the backyard.



decking floor plan 10

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