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  Design 4 - Fresh-Air Corner Deck

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This deck is designed to be built either as a simple, rectangular side deck, or to wrap around the corner of a home. Depending on the home's interior layout, it could be modified to allow access from two indoor rooms instead of one as shown here.

The wrap design creates some interesting angles, which make the deck seem much larger than its 445 square feet. Separate areas of the deck are natural settings for different activities. For example, the corner directly in front of the dining-room door is more than adequate to accommodate a table and seating for four or more people.

The opposite corner, away from the dining room, is an ideal place for built-in seating, as shown on this plan.

The distinct area that is created here works well for conversation, relaxation, or for additional seating during meals. Steps allow for quick access to and from the ground level. Railings for safety and appearance provide the finishing touch to this simple, yet versatile deck.      



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