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  Design 5 - Split-Level Activity Deck

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This spilt-level deck is a pleasing combination of rectangular and octagonal shapes. The result is a functional and highly attractive outdoor living space of over 625 square feet.

The two-level design helps promote a two-decks-in-one feeling. In addition, each level can be accessed by separate indoor rooms.

Level one features an octagonal extension, blossoming from one corner of the rectangular section. The octagonal shape is perfect for accommodating a table and chairs. Handily, this area is located just outside of the dining room and kitchen. Stairs near the center of the rectangle lead to the ground.

The second level is a single step down from level one. This area has separate access from the family room. Three built-in benches provide plenty of seating for family activities and entertaining. Permanent square-shaped planters flank the stairs, helping identify the stairway and move traffic around safely.


decking floor plan 5

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