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The Timber
The timber used by us is sourced from sustainable and replanted environs, and mainly comes from Scandinavian countries where the wood is denser than timber grown in the UK. This timber gives excellent durability, and consistency of colour.
All timber used by “Decking4Less” is pressure treated to withstand extremes of weather in the outside environment. Subject to availability; we are able to fit any timber species (soft or hardwood) our clients specify.

The decking sub-structure timber is also pressure treated for strength and suitable for in ground use. The deck boards are 32mm with a ridged surface to provide an anti-slip feature during wet weather. Will my deck be strong enough?


This is generally post & beam. Posts are concreted in to the ground and then beams are bolted to the posts. The joists are then screwed to the beams and finally the boards are screwed to the joists. Details of this method may differ subject to design.  A heavy duty weed suppressant membrane (Plantex Landscape Fabriclay) and a gravel layer are installed below the deck to prevent plant and weed growth.  For occasional access to any manhole cover, a hinged panel will be installed. Balustrade (Railings) are they necessary?


Health and Safety 
Throughout the build “Health and Safety” is important and all bare timbers are smooth planed and safe to touch.
The deck screws used are coated tested to a very high standard and will not rust or fail even in the most unfavourable weather conditions. The treated timber used is non harmful to the environment, people, plants and pets. The process is strictly governed and the preservative stays in the timber and does not weep, is perfectly safe, and sourced through FSC registered suppliers.




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